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FSU Economics Professor Joe Calhoun joins us for another episode. We discuss the current economic events in the news for the week, including the unintended consequences of government intervention into regular trade between producers and consumers. Of course, the Government has the best of intentions when they enact legislation, but many times the cost of the unintended consequences outweigh the benefits.

We have discussed the problems created by the cash for clunkers program in a recent podcast. We have discussed in several episodes the costs resulting from the COVID lockdown. And now, in the news this week we see where California Governor Newsome has enacted legislation banning the production of gas and diesel automobiles by 2035.

In this episode, we also discuss another economic theory from the book Common Sense Economics. This discussion is about the theory 'Economic progress comes primarily through trade, investment, better way of doing things and sound economic institutions'. Check out this episode to see how we relate this theory to every day life. You will be sure to find nuggets of knowledge in this episode.


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