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Dan Murdoch an executive with Harri (https://harri.com/) a technology solutions provider for the hospitality industry. Dan provides solutions to restaurants across the entire USA including QSRs and FSRs. He has seen the struggles challenging the industry from wage increase, employee shortage, COVID and just the normal challenges of managing a restaurant. When he talks about the role technology plays, he speaks from experience. He has seen how it can be a difference maker in a businesses' success or failure. Dan provides great insight in this Podcast about the technology solutions that have been successful, the hot technology for today and the outlook for technology focus in the future. Check out this Podcast for the Nuggets of Knowledge to help your decision making about adapting to challenges of wage and cost increases. With the rising wages caused by the $15/hour minimum wage push and the current short supply of employees, attracting and keeping employees, in this economy is a challenge. In this Podcast, we discuss the importance of employees and how to attract and retain the best ones.

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