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Join Professor Joe Calhoun and Charles on Answers That Count

Joe Calhoun: Hey, great to be with you! Always a pleasure, Charles. Awesome. Not only are you a professor, you’re an economics professor, so - and we’re going to talk about one of our favorite subjects. We’re going to talk about economics. And what - what are we looking at in the news today? So, there’s a couple of points that we’re reading about, we’re seeing, and we’re actually feeling it in our pocket books. So, let’s talk. Let’s start with the unemployment numbers. You know, there’s a lot of chatter right now every time we turn on the TV, watch the news or we read the newspaper, social media, we see where...heck, if we just go out shopping, we see where employers, retail shops, restaurants, they’re looking for employees. They’ve got ‘help wanted’ stickers posted everywhere, but yet when we look at the unemployment records that are posted by the federal government, their unemployment is still high. So, it looks like - I mean, this is kind of a contrast - we have high unemployment, but yet the demand for employees to work is high also. So, help us out with understanding that.

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