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In today's show we are joined by Myles Bradley, Working Capital Finance VP with Capital City Bank. With all the recent chatter about collapse of the US Dollar, investing in 'scarce assets', the debt bubble and the Fed flooding the economy with $ trillions, we now get the perspective of a banker. 

Myles brings great insight on the PPP 2.0, SBA 7A and the SBA 504 loan programs. These are great opportunities to help businesses that have taken a hit caused by COVID and the government restrictions imposed on them. Plus, the 7A and 504 loans provide a big boost to business to lock in low rates and invest in businesses. These are a big shot in the arm for the economy. 

Check out this show to learn about government backed loans and the PPP program is there to help. These are record low interest rates along with amortization periods. 

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