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In this episode we are joined once again by Steele Smith III, co-founder of C3 International and Idrasil, the world's first cannabis prescription. In this episode Steele shares his personal and painful story that lead him to be a leader in the prescription, medical cannabis. Steele recounts the 6 raids from the DEA and how he came to count on the annual 'October Surprise'. The raids were friendly and non-hostile (with the exception of the first one). Bottom line of the raids, no convictions, all charges dropped! This is a true description of the problems of conflicting Federal and State laws facing the cannabis industry, even medical and prescription cannabis.

A recent article by Total Prestige Magazine that featured Steele, titled the article as "The Disruptor. Steele Clarke Smith III, Pharmaceutical CEO. Pain Market Dominator". After you watch this episode of Answers That Count, you will understand this title and truly appreciate what Steele has done. Like many people that achieve great success, their drive and determination and heights of their success is based on a personal hardship. The hardship can take many forms. See the pain and health hardship of Steele and how he is overcoming this pain not just for himself, but for the multitude of patients that need relief and an alternative to relief drugs with terrible side effects, like opioids.

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